If you're not riding on the edge... you're taking up too much space!

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SR Arizona Chapters

  • Tucson
  • Phoenix
  • Sierra Vista


Welcome to the SHO RYDERS official website.

Here you will find anything and everything you need to know about the SHO RYDERS. Browse around and let us know what you think.


So Cal Chapter

  • Southern California




"Sho Pics"

  • Original Sho Ryders

  • 2016 Sho Ryders

  • Phoenix Chapter coming out party.

  • Sho Ryders In Sierra Vista

  • Sho Ryders in So Cal

  • Sierra Vista Annual

    Sierra Vista Annual

  • 12th Annual BBQ

    All Sho Ryders

  • Late Night Sho Ryders

13th Annual Thank-You

The Sho Ryder Family would like to Thank everyone whom supported our Annual BBQ event. Your support is greatly appreciated.

13 years and counting.... 

Upcoming Sho Events



Sho Ryders Lucky '13' Annual BBQ & After Party

Location: Quality Inn Flamingo Downtown

1300 N Stone Ave, Tucson, AZ 85705

Time: 11am - 12 midnight


Music, Food Drinks and Pool Party




New Members

Sho Ryders MC would like to introduce our newest members to the Tucson chapter "Kickstand".
To the Sierra Vista Chapter "Eastwood" and also to the 

Phoenix Chapter "Smoke" and "P.U.S.H".
They all have proven themselves and deserve to support the "Purple n Chrome"

and we welcome them with open arms.
Be sure and give them a shout out when you see them on the set.


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